Event Programme

Day One     7 March 2017

This event is designed to provide a very different delegate experience to the traditional sit and listen events you are probably used to.


A cross between Dragon’s Den, an unconference, and a speed dating session, the day is designed to provide a genuinely useful and productive experience, an opportunity to meet lots of people, hear about loads of new ideas, share your own ideas and go away fired up with possibilities.

Our selected app developers and innovators – more than 20 of them from local authorities, start-ups and established players - will make short, elevator-pitch style presentations from the stage. They will cover the needs their innovation addresses and the benefits that will be delivered.

But, like a movie trailer these presentations are intended to give away just enough for delegates to identify who and what they want to follow-up.

To facilitate the following-up, each presenter will host a table throughout the day and delegates will be able to join them to talk or just to listen. There will be eight, 20 minute, scheduled, discussion sessions to explore details, share knowledge, find synergies, create opportunities.

As a delegate you will get a plan of the tables with presenter details and a card to note who you simply must go and see. You can grab a coffee and hang out on one table for an hour or join a table, raise your hand, ask a single question (“how is your thing scalable?”) and then move on to another table. No one will take offence at your departure and it’s a sure thing, as you listen to and join in the other conversations, you will think of something you forgot to ask, and so return to the table you visited a few sessions ago.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day and lunch comes in a bag so all available time can be used and productive conversations won’t need to be interrupted.

The programme below provides a flavour of what’s going to be on offer (Timings of speaker slots may be subject to some adjustment).



8.15    Doors open: coffee, tea, breakfast (continental or “English in a roll”)               

9.00    Terry Dafter OBE, Care and Health Improvement Advisor LGA, member NIB Board, Joint Chair, ADASS Informatics Network


9.05    Joe Tibbetts, Boilerhouse

    Road map for today: How today's format works

9.10    Dr Mahiben Maruthappu, Co-founder & President, Cera

    Setting the context: Technology and the future of social care - The Cera model

9.30    Neil Mortimer, Business Manager at West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

    Setting the context: supporting digital innovation in health and care 

9.40    Jenny Wood, Chair, IEWM Informatics Lead and Director of Adult Social Care and Support, ‎Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

    Setting the context: A view from IEWM: what does digitally enabled care look like?


9.50    Roundtable discussion session 1 (at your allocated round table)


10.10    Pitch 1: Paul Allis on Brain in Hand 

Providing personalised support from a smartphone for people with autism or learning difficulties

10.20    Pitch 2: Simon Hooper, Co-Founder and CEO, on Remindmecare

Creating, for care recipients, a digital story that enables better engagement with and by the community of people who deliver their care.

10.30    Pitch 3: Sam Mayne & Angie Heal on Policy Partners Project 

Adult Social Care Online Policy Procedure and Practice (APPP) Leaning Resource: A Customer Account


10.40    Roundtable discussion session 2 (at a table or tables of your choice)  


11.00    Pitch 4: Colin Radcliffe

Channeling personal experience of depression and anxiety into an app to benefit others and end stigma around these conditions

11.10    Pitch 5: Norman Lilly on Respexi Home Hub 

A touch screen tablet that contains custom software only, designed to be very easy to use and completely secure.

11.20    Pitch 6: Marcus Devaney, Virtual Services Development Officer, Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Service, Lancashire County Council

                   Paul Davidson of iStanduk 

A new approach to place based service directories using open data


11.30    Roundtable discussion session 3 (at a table or tables of your choice)


11.50    Pitch 7: Sally Gillies, Adult Social Care Procedures Manager of tri.x

12.00    Pitch 8: Ingrid Koehler of LGIU on Co-care

Capturing useful information from home care visits for sharing with families and measuring outcomes for commissioners.

12.10    Pitch 9: Lianne Viney, Senior Analyst at Looking Local

The council's development of a customer/advocate self-service single financial assessment process, including re-designing client financial affairs and social work processes 


12.20    Roundtable discussion session 4 (at a table or tables of your choice)


12.40    Pitch 10: Leonard Anderson on Kemuri

Providing reassurance that people are warm, eating, drinking and mobile – and prompting family or friends if they are not.

12.50    Pitch 11: Mary Matthews on Prompt

Helping people with memory problems retain social confidence and independence.

13.00    Pitch 12: Naushard Jabir, CEO & Director, VIDA 

Delivering person centred domiciliary care and live in care services using trusted and qualified carers. 


13.10    Roundtable discussion session 5 (at a table or tables of your choice)


13.30    Pitch 13: Kulbir Lalli, Hertfordshire County Council and Chris Rose OLM Systems on BedFinder

Removing time wasted by social care and hospital teams calling care homes to find suitable vacancies on discharge from hospital. 

13.40    Pitch 14: Sam Dondi-Smith on Interactive Me 

Building online memory boxes for people with dementia and those who are in residential care.

13.50    Pitch 15: Michelle Moorhouse, Looking Local, on Everybody Active and My Health Tools 

       Digital platforms developed with Kirklees Council to support people to take exercise and to manage long term conditions

14.00    Pitch 16: Amit SamaniBrocade

             Delivering a platform for digitalisation of services in local government and healthcare, to drive improvement in citizen welfare


14.10    Roundtable discussion session 6 (at a table or tables of your choice)


14.30    Pitch 17: Mark Howells, Managing Director, Konnektis

            Bringing formal and informal care networks together to improve care outcomes, enhance safeguarding and reduce costs

14.40    Pitch 18: Dominic Taylor on Mable 

Enabling people under care and their caregivers to connect, get organized, reminisce and stay safe

14.50    Pitch 19: Rachel Mason on 247grid

Visual budget management app enabling providers to codesign care plans with those receiving care. Weekly views incorporate areas of increasing independence, identifying where funded support will be most effective.

15.00    Pitch 20: Madeleine Starr MBE

Director of Business Development and Innovation, on Carers UK's step into the app market with Jointly, and what the experience has told them about the potential of digital in the care sector       


15.10    Roundtable discussion session 7 (at a table or tables of your choice)


15.30    Many to Many (the antidote to panel shows)

Not a panel with Qs and As but a conversation between you and the entire room, curated, moderated and stimulated by “speak out wranglers” scattered throughout the room including Vicky Sargent Boilerhouse; Terry Dafter ADASS; Dr Mahiben Maruthappu CERA; Neil Mortimer: WMAHSN; Madeleine Starr Carers UK.


16.10    Ather Abbas, Boilerhouse

How the Connected Care Programme continues from here.

16.20    Joe Tibbetts, Boilerhouse

Au-revoir & invitation to the bar

16.30    Bar open

18.00    “Haven't you lot got homes to go to?”

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